Saturday 19 September 2020
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آفریقا نیوز - منذ 1 أشهر

One year anniversary of the death of DJ Arafat

He is dead but still alive in the hearts of many fans. It is now one year since the motorbike accident that claimed the life of Ivorian star singer DJ Arafat. Thousands of his fans nicknamed Les Chinois are now commemorating the first anniversary of the death of their idol. The coupé-décalé a creation of the Ivorian diaspora, became a huge sensation in Ivory Coast, with its electronic sounds and frenzied rhythm. DJ Arafat was until his death the coupe decale s best known crusader. On Wednesday, his fans converged on the site of the accident where a stele in his memory was built. Arafat DJ is not an artist like any other artist. We think that Arafat DJ is an artist who goes beyond the borders of Ivory Coast, beyond Africa and beyond the whole world. We are here today as Arafat fans. We love him, we are Chinois - the words of a fan amongst the humongous crowd at the accident site where Arafat died last year on August 12, 2019. He was aged 33. 

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