Sunday 8 December 2019
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آفریقا نیوز - منذ 19 أيام

My hands are clean - Guinea-Bissau president

The outgoing president of Guinea- Bissau Jose Mario Vaz says his hands are clean and that he doesn’t want to see more blood in the country. Mario Vaz was speaking at a rally in Bolama in the western part of the country as the November 24 draws to a close. Speaking to his supporters, Vaz asserts his innocence with promises. “My hands are clean! My hands are not soaked with blood! I don’t want to see any more blood in Guinea-Bissau! You’ll never see these hands take what doesn’t belong to them! I never received the money from the people! My hands have never touched the drugs! We don’t want drugs in Guinea- Bissau! No! No drugs!”, he said. Mario Vaz, who is running as an independent candidate, continues to travel to the country despite a tensed political climate. The electoral campaign started on November 2 in preparation for the next presidential elections. The date was eventually maintained, after a few failed attempts at postponement. Twelve candidates are in the running for presidency. AFP

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